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Swiss residence permits 
For E.U. or E.F.T.A citizens
Retirement, Lump sum taxation, Artists and sport stars, Self-employed, Company relocation, Other residence permits
For all others
Retirement, Business immigration, Other programs


General questions, Non EU citizens, Our services, Bilateral agreements, EU citizens
Castle in Montreux, Burgundy to Heidiland, Australia to Grandvaux, Ticket to Skwitzerland, Australian in Basel, Venture capitalist, Hollywood screenwriter, JP Morgan top manager



Importation, Ownership

Buying, Importing, Rental, Insurance, Registering, Highway code, License

Wine cellar
Wine cellar

Works of art
Leave, Taxes, Importing to Switzerland

House search - Renting

FAQ, Lexicon

House search - Buying
FAQ, Lexicon

Bearing arms, Importing weapons, Purchasing, Shooting ranges in Switzerland

Cost of living
Groceries, Cultural property, Cars

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