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Switzerland has an excellent commercial infrastructure, which allows for quality purchases and offers a wide selection of events to choose from for your entertainment and outings.

So don't hesitate to go shopping and take advantage of all the theaters, cinemas and concerts. Geneva and Lausanne are the two cultural and economic hubs in French-speaking Switzerland. But you would be surprised at what the smaller cities such as Montreux, Vevey, Nyon, Fribourg or Sion have to offer. Even the ski resorts and spas like Verbier, Crans-Montana and Loèche-les-bains have a cultural life that outshines many other big cities.

You can find most international newspapers at Swiss news stands. You can also take out a yearly subscription and have them delivered every morning to your home or office. Or you can read the newspaper of your choice on the Internet and keep abreast of your country's news.

Price of newspapers Per paper
The Economist 7.70 CHF
154 CHF
Herald Tribune  3.20 CHF
538.70 CHF
Fortune 8 CHF
125.05 CHF
Financial Times 3.50 CHF
822.20 CHF
NZZ 2.20 CHF
394.35 CHF
Frankfurter Algemeine 2.20 CHF
629.30 CHF
Le Monde 2.20 CHF
540 CHF
Le Temps 2 CHF
305 CHF

Delve into the Pléiade Edition of Nabokov's Complete Works for 135.50 CHF at Payot, the bookstore chain with full line stores throughout Switzerland. There you will also find San-Antonio's best seller, "La vieille qui marchait dans la mer" (The Old Lady Who Wades in the Sea) for 30.50 CHF. At Payot, you can also hunt down "Three Act Tragedy" by Agatha Christie for 10.70 CHF in the Poche collection (pocketbook).
Like many other art books, "L'Art du Baroque" sells for 59.90 CHF at France Loisirs, the French bookstore that is also present in Switzerland.
Interested in Boris Yeltsin's memoirs? You can purchase this book for 43.20 CHF at the L'Age d'Homme bookstore in Lausanne. The 2000 Michelin Travel Guide for Switzerland will help you choose the best hotels and restaurants in the country. You can find it at Payot for 34 CHF.
Grab John Grisham's best seller "The Testament" in English for 17.80 CHF at Payot, the bookstore with English, German and Italian sections. The Manor bookstore has an English-language section as well. There are also German, Russian and Spanish bookstores in Geneva.

You can listen to the "Pavarotti Plus" compilation before buying it for 63.90 CHF at Fréquence Laser on the Pont de la Machine, a bridge that connects Geneva's left and right banks. Hug Music, Switzerland's classical music specialist, offers the Traviata double album, performed by Monserat Caballe, for 78 CHF. Or opt for Leonard Cohen's "More Best of", which is sold at the regular price of 29.90 CHF at City Disc, a music store chain that is currently widespread in Switzerland, with several stores in each city.

You'll have no lack of choice when it comes to live music. You won't need convincing when you check out the list of concerts sponsored by the United Bank of Switzerland.
Dabble in the postmodern music of "Approaching Clouds" at Zurich's Opernhaus. Ticket prices vary between 16 and 92 CHF.
Admire "Carmen" at the Geneva Grand Theater for an entry price of anywhere from 20 to 140 CHF.
Soak up the atmosphere at a jazz concert on the shores of Lake Geneva during the Montreux Jazz Festival that takes place every July. One night of concerts will cost you between 69 and 100 CHF.
You want to hear Eagle Eye Cherry at Geneva's pop music Mecca, the Arena? One ticket costs 45 CHF.
Experience the thrill of seeing Johnny Halliday at the Pontaise Stadium in Lausanne for 75 CHF.

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