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This page will help you determine the costs entailed by the purchase and maintenance of four representative vehicles in Switzerland.

Jaguar Daimler V8
Jaguars are a highly appreciated status symbol in Switzerland. We have chosen a high-end model, with an engine developing 363 hp, burr walnut and leather interior, GPS navigation.
Mercedes S-Class 600
Mercedes are so common in Switzerland one might start to doubt that they are a sign of success. But think again, even if most of the Swiss taxis are Mercedes, this car remains one of the flagship automobiles available in Switzerland. We have selected the midnight blue S-Class 600, a model highly prized by bankers.
Golf 4x4 GTI
The Golf has been the highest selling car in Switzerland ever since it came on the market 20 years ago. It's also an extremely hard-wearing car, with a used-car market value 10% higher than the competition in the same category (a 1980 Golf GTI can still sell for 3,000 Swiss francs!). This 4x4 model comes with a 2.3-liter V5 engine, making it a joy to drive, a car that is practical and safe in the city or the mountains (power steering, air, etc.)
Honda CR-V 4x4
This 4x4 is an extremely versatile off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive that kicks in automatically when traction conditions call for it. But it is also a loyal servant in day-to-day life and can quickly transform into a limousine ready to escort guests in the finest evening wear. This model comes with a 2-liter engine developing 147 hp, and appeals particularly to the women clientele.

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