Receiving a scholarship
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Several types of scholarships are available: some are offered by the Swiss state, others by the Universities themselves and still others by various private foundations.

  • Confederation scholarships are reserved for students who already have a university diploma (postgraduates). There are two types of special postgraduate scholarships, one for certain Central and Eastern European countries, and the other for fine arts and music. The scholarships are generally offered to foreign governments. Applications are submitted to the Swiss diplomatic representative by the national institution responsible for scholarships in the country of origin. Therefore, you should contact your Ministry of Education or the Swiss diplomatic representative. For more information, visit the Federal Commission for Scholarships Web site.
  • Exchange scholarships are coordinated by the universities themselves, so you’ll need to find out if your home university has any agreements with Swiss universities. You can also consult the various Swiss university Web sites to see what types of scholarship are available.
  • Some private foundations offer scholarships under their own conditions. Many of the Swiss university Web sites contain search engines to help you locate them. To start, we suggest you use the Amarillo search engine or consult the list of foundations provided by the Université de Lausanne.

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