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If you are younger than 55, you won't fit in the standard residence permit to retire in Switzerland. However, there's a variation on this program trough which you can obtain the same residence permit by making an investment in a local company.

The characteristics of this investment are :

  • You must invest in a company in the canton where you want to live
  • Your investment has to finance the growth of the company.
  • You can either invest as a loan or as an equity investment, or a mix of both.
  • Your investment should last as long as you remain in Switzerland.
  • The company cannot be listed on a stock exchange.
  • You cannot invest in a bank account, an apartment or a bogus company, but in a real company with employees.

The rationale is that by investing in a company that needs financing to grow, you help creating jobs in Switzerland. In return many canton will grant you a residence permit.

The other conditions applicable to the standard residence permit to retire in Switzerland still hold:

  • Be retired (no day-to-day responsibilities)
  • Have an annual income of more than Sfr.100'000.-

We can assist you during the whole process, including the location and screening of investment opportunities, and of course with the residence permit and canton selection. Please note that this program is not available in every canton.

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