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Lyngstad, Anni-Fried (1945 - ) Sweden / Music star / FR

The singer of the legendary Swedish band ABBA settled in Switzerland after the group split up. She immediately appreciated what Switzerland had to offer. "It's really great to get to live an anonymous, normal life in Switzerland. I have not regretted moving here for a moment," she said during an interview in November, 2000.

Frida lives in the canton of Fribourg in a castle that belonged to her husband, Prince Russo. A leading figure in the ecological association The Natural Step, an organization she has helped make famous, Annie-Fried Lyngstad is an extremely active member of the wildlife protection movement. A true nature-lover, she immediately felt at home in Switzerland. The ex singer of ABBA has not given up music and is often seen in the celebrity press.

Unfortunately, her idyllic way of life was tarnished by the death of her husband, Prince Russo Reuss, in the fall of 1999. Annie-Fried Lyngstad is slowly recovering from her loss and can once again be found in the "people" sections of fashionable magazines. The singer has many fans around the world who are filled with boundless admiration for their idol.

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