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Our offices will be closed from December the 23d 2011 at 1700 GMT and will open again on January the 3d, 2011 at 0800 GMT.

All information we receive will be kept strictly confidential.

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You can also call us from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 (GMT + 1) at ++41 21 331 48 48.

To open a Swiss bank account

Use our secure application form for maximum privacy and quick processing of your inquiry. Your browser will encrypt all information before sending it to us using 128 bits SSL encryption:

If you wish to PGP-encrypt your e-mail here's our public key.

If you want to print the application form and send it by fax, or if you just want to see what information is needed, there is a text version.

To live in Switzerland

Use our secure contact forms to ensure maximum privacy and speedy processing of your inquiry. You can also contact us by phone, fax or mail.

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You didn't find the service you need in the list ? Maybe we can help. Just send us an email.

If you wish to PGP-encrypt your e-mail here's our public key. You can also contact us by phone, fax or mail.

If you are a journalist and need information, check this.

We offer many services, but not everything . In particular, we are neither a tourist office nor an information bureau. We cannot help or questions about hotel bookings, phone numbers, train schedules and so on.

Please note that due to the high number of inquiries we receive, we can't answer to all of them.

About Micheloud & Co.
Micheloud & Co. is a Swiss financial consultancy business with offices in Geneva, Lausanne and Sion, Switzerland. We speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. To learn more about Micheloud & Co., please visit our section about us.

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