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Mazaryk, Thomas (1850 - 1937) Slovakia / PoliticianGeneve / GE

Of Slovakian origin, Thomas Masaryk studied in Vienna. Named professor of Prague University, he was then elected member of the Reichstat (parliament) of Vienna.

During the First World War, he found refuge in Geneva where he commemorated the 500th anniversary of Jean Hus. It was in Geneva that he began his battle for an independent Czechoslovakia, whilst his wife was imprisoned in Austria.

After having won over public opinion to his country's cause, in England, Russia and the United States where he went frequently, he was elected first President of the new Czechoslovakian Republic in December 1918.

He resigned in 1935 because of his advancing years. His daughter Olga had married the Genevan Henri Revilliod. His grandsons would die fighting the enemies of Czechoslovakia during the Second World War.


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