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Becker, Boris (1967 - ) Germany / Tennisman / SZ

The German tennis star lives in Schwyz, in central Switzerland. Born in 1967 in Leimen, Boris Becker began playing tennis at a very young age on a court built by his father. At the age of 12, he started intensive training and steadily climbed the ranks until he joined the Professional League in 1984.

In 1985 and 1986, he won the Wimbledon tournament. The following year, he led the German team to victory in the Davis Cup and became an national superstar. In 1989, he carried off Wimbledon once again and won the US Open.

Boris Becker held fast in the top ten until 1993, after eight years at the top of the ATP. In 1994, he married Barbara Feltus, the daughter of an American GI, and took the ATP Championship again in 1995.

After retiring from tennis in 1998, Becker turned his sights to sports marketing. He invested in the Völkl Tennis company in Zoug, near his home in Schwyz. In this canton of central Switzerland with low tax rates, Boris Becker yields an immense profit on his fortune, which is now estimated at over 150 million Swiss francs.

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