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Testimonials from former clients
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Venture Capitalist

When one of the top three venture capitalists in Sweden wanted to relocate in Geneva, and invest in a Swiss high-tech company, he enlisted Micheloud & Cie for help.

JP Morgan vice president

When a top manager of JP Morgan Chase wanted to relocate to Switzerland, he went to Micheloud & Cie.

Hollywood screenwriter

Meet Mr. H., who wrote Mad Max II and III, Payback, Vertical Limit, From Hell and many other action feature films. Read how we helped him relocate to Geneva with his family.


Australian in Basel

How we helped a young australian computer scientist establish his business in Basel to work for Switzerland's biggest banks.


A castle in Montreux

Mr R., retired director at Nokia, was ready to leave the winters of Finland behind for a more agreeable climate and an advantageous tax system in Switzerland.

Ticket to Switzerland

Mr D, the largest seller of concert tickets in the UK with over 70% of the market started his business in his bedroom. After having sold his company he decided to take an early retirement in Villars.

From Australia to the Lavaux

How Mr B. from England launched his company on the stock market and made his fortune in Australia before taking a well-deserved retirement in Switzerland.


From Burgundy to Heidiland

Ms B. from Dijon, France, talks about how she fulfilled her dream of moving to Switzerland, after being a visitor for more than 40 years on vacation. Her only regret: "not having come to Switzerland sooner ".


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