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George Harrison (1943-2001) Angleterre
George Harrison, le plus jeune et le plus discret des Beatles a vécu une partie de sa vie, jusqu'à sa mort, en Suisse dans les environs Bellinzone. N

Charles Aznavour (1924-) France
Born Varenagh Aznavourian, French singer Charles Aznavour has made singing his career for over 55 years, with hundreds of albums in several languages

Tina Turner (1939-) USA
The American singer has lived in Zurich since 1986, on the Goldküste, the most fashionable district of the Swiss economic capital. Born Anna M

Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) UK
The lead singer of Queen was born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5, 1946 on Zanzibar island. Son of a British diplomat, he spent part of his chi

Phil Collins (1951-) UK
The English singer has lived in Switzerland since 1994. Born in London in 1951, he performed as an actor-singer in a London production at the age of 1

Céline Dion (1968-) Canada
The Quebecois singer often comes to Crans-Montana in Switzerland. Céline Dion, youngest child in a family of 14 children, was born in 1968 in

Marie Laforêt (1939-) France
The French actress and singer known as the girl with the golden eyes has lived in Geneva since 1978. Born Maïtena Doumenach to a family of Armeni

Shania Twain (1965-) Canada
The famous country singer lives in a manor near Montreux in French-speaking Switzerland with her husband and producer, Mutt Lange. Born Eilleen Edward

Clara Haskil (1895-1960) Rumanía
La gran pianista obtuvo asilo en Suiza en 1942, donde vivió residiendo en los domicilios de sus amigos hasta que finalmente adquirió un chalet en Corn

Minnie Hauk (1851-1929) Estados Unidos de América
La cantante norteamericana vino para hacer de Suiza su última morada.

Barbara Hendricks (1948-) USA
The most famous opera singer in the world lives in Clarens, on the outskirts of Montreux. Barbara Hendricks was born in 1948 in Stephens, Arkansas, in

Vince Taylor (1939-1991) UK
The English leather-clad singer lived in Switzerland for eight years, the best of his life. He was born Brian Maurice Holden just weeks before the out

Famille jackson (1958-) USA
The king of pop music appreciates Switzerland's tranquility and chose this country to record his last album. Born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana (USA),

David Bowie (1947-) UK
In 1982, the English pop star moved to upper Lausanne in Switzerland to find a haven of stability and fade into anonymity. He purchased an early twent

Patricia Kaas (1966-) France
The French singer who has sold over 10 million albums has lived in Zurich since December 2000. Born in Forbach in 1966, Patricia Kaas is the youngest

Frida Lyngstad (ABBA) (1945-) Sweden
The singer of the legendary Swedish band ABBA settled in Switzerland after the group split up. She immediately appreciated what Switzerland had to off

Melina Mercouri (1920-1994) Greece
The Greek singer lived over seven years in Lausanne. Maria Amalia Mersuris was born in 1920 in Athens to a bourgeois family. Her grandfather was the m

Nana Mouskouri (1936-) Greece
The Greek singer has lived in Geneva since 1974. Born in 1934, Nana Mouskouri was raised by a modest family on the Island of Crete. When she was three

Yoko Ono (1933-) USA
John Lennon's widow has lived in Switzerland since 1988. Yoko Ono was born in Tokyo in 1933 to a family of well-to-do bankers. She was forced to flee

Paderewski (1860-1941) Polonia
El gran compositor polaco pasó la mayor parte de su vida en Suiza, cerca de Lausanne. Regresó a Polonia a ocupar el cargo de Primer Ministro, antes de

Robert Palmer (1949-) UK
The English singer has lived in Switzerland since 1987. Born Alan Palmer in 1949 in Batley, Yorkshire, he spent the majority of his youth on the i

Rita pavone (1945-) Italy
This singer and television presenter lives in the Swiss canton of Ticino with its Mediterranean climate. Rita Pavone was born in Turin in 1945

Stravinsky (1882-1971) Russia
The Russian composer, who acquired first French and then American nationality, lived for a long time in Clarens, near Montreux. This amazing conductor

Piotr Tchaïkowsky (1840-1893) Russia
The Russian composer began his career in 1863, after having studied law and at the Conservatory under Anton Rubinstein. After a failed marriage with

Wagner (1813-1883) Alemania
Vino a Suiza en 1866 para escapar de la presión política de Baviera. La gente de allí era muy crítica respecto a su influencia en el joven rey. Los Wa

Piotr Tchaïkowsky
(1840 - 1893) Russia
The Russian composer began his career in 1863, after having studied law and at the Conservatory under Anton Rubinstein. After a failed marriage with one of his female admirers (for Tchaikovsky had discovered his passion for men), the composer left Russia in 1877 to settle in Geneva and then in Clarens. From Switzerland, he continued his intense correspondence with Nadezhda von Meck, a wealthy widow who supported him financially so that he could devote himself fully to his art. The musician we >>>

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