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New! We have created a special website about Swiss bank accounts with hundreds of pages of information. Micheloud & Cie, a well-known Swiss firm, owns both websites.
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No offers
Under no circumstances should the information presented on this Web site be interpreted as an offer or as a recommendation to make an investment or perform any other type of transaction.

No guarantees
The information and opinions presented on this Web site are provided for information purposes only and provide no guarantees whatsoever, whether deliberate or implicit, particularly concerning the accuracy of the information presented.

No liability
Under no circumstances, particularly in the case of negligence, shall Micheloud et Cie be held liable for any loss or damages whatsoever, whether they be direct, indirect or incidental damages, among others, relating to the access to its Web site, to the use, consultation, or exploration of the said site or the links it contains to other sites, even if it is expressly aware that such a risk exists.

No liability for its links
Certain links contained in this site may exit the site. We have not verified any of the sites linked to this Web site and shall not assume nor accept responsibility with regard to the content of the Web site or the products, services or other objects offered by means of those sites.

No guarantee of future returns on investments
The past offers no guarantee when it comes to future investment performance. An investment can appreciate or depreciate and an investor may not recoup his or her outlay. Moreover, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates can generate an increase or decrease in investment value. All information provided on investment returns are thus provided without any guarantee whatsoever.

Forbidden access
This site is not intended for people in jurisdictions from which (by reason of nationality, place of residence or any other reason) the dissemination or access to this site is forbidden. People subject to such restrictions must not access this site. In particular, citizens and residents of the United States are not to access the pages concerning funds and other types of investments.

Right to refuse
Micheloud et Cie is not bank and as such does not accept nor solicit any deposits whatsoever. Micheloud et Cie acts only as a go-between for the Swiss financial institutions and the foreign clients. Micheloud et Cie reserves the right to refuse any client without reason or explanation, and cannot be held responsible for such a refusal.



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