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Kinski, Nastassja (1961 - ) Germany / Movie star / FR

Daughter of actor Klaus Kinski, this beautiful German actressfell in love with Geneva. In 1986, Nastassja Kinski arrived in the city of Calvin by chance. She was enraptured by the city at the tip of the lake and let it be known far and wide. When she was a member of the Cannes Film Festival jury in 1988, she called out to a group of journalists in the pit, Geneva, I love you, which would go down in print.

Born in 1961 in Berlin, Nastassja Kinski lived in Rome until the age of six. After her parents' divorce, she was shuttled back and forth between Munich, Caracas and Los Angeles, where she learned to act with Stella Adler. When she was 13, director Wim Wenders portrayed her in his film False Movement. Then followed Polanski'sTess, which was selected by Cannes in 1980, Cat People by Schrader and The Moon in the Gutter by Beineix. The international public was soon swept away by the actress' childlike womanly charm. She was even referred to as the Bardot of the 80's.

She initially settled in Conches, one of Geneva's chic suburbs, where she gave birth to her second child, Sonja. She lived there for three years with her husband, Egyptian Ibrahim Moussa, before moving to Prez-vers-Noreaz, in the canton of Fribourg. Kinski still acts in many films and now shares her time between Rome and her home in Fribourg.

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