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Forget, Guy (1965 - ) France / Tennisman / NE

Born in 1965 in Casablanca, Morocco, the French tennis player currently lives in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Tennis is a family passion: his grandfather and his father had already participated in several tournaments. His parents passed down their love of tennis and he began playing at a very young age.

 Guy Forget won the French junior title in 1982, which promoted the tall, left-handed player to professional ATP tournaments. He ended his first season ranked in the 70th position. He won his first victory at the 1986 tournament in Toulouse, the very same one his grandfather dominated in 1946, as did his father in 1966. He won again in Nancy in 1989 and became world doubles champion with Swiss player, Jakob Hlasek.

In 1991, he was fourth in the world after his victories at the tournaments in Bordeaux, Toulouse and the Paris Open. He won the Davis Cup with the French team when he beat Pete Sampras in Lyons. After a knee operation in 1993, however, Guy Forget had great difficulty getting back to his 1991 level. He still managed to rank 34th in the ATP in 1996.

Guy Forget is now the captain of the French Team for the Davis Cup. He lives in Neuchatel, the clockmaking city at the foot of the Jura, where he likes to relax between tournaments. He also takes part in local tournaments organized by Arnaud Boetsch, such as the tennis promotion days in Geneva.

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