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Fahd, Ibn Abdu Aziz (1923 - ) Saudi Arabia / King / GE

Born in 1923 in Ryadh, Ibn Abdu Aziz Fahd is the eldest son of the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Sa'ud, and his sixth wife. The king comes for long stays to Geneva, a city he particularly appreciates.

After his education in the royal court, he was appointed Minister of Education at the age of 20 and set up a system of primary and secondary schools. In 1962, he became Prime Minister. Starting in 1964, he held various government positions during the reign of his half-brother, King Faysal, until the king was assassinated in 1975. His half-brother Khaled rose to the throne, leaving Ibn Abdu Aziz Fahd, who was now a prince, in charge of Foreign Affairs. Fahd thus became the spokesperson for the Arab world and met with Jimmy Carter in the USA, among others.

He succeeded his half-brother in 1982 to become king of the leading oil producer and exporter in the world. During his reign, King Fahd modernized Saudi Arabia and allied with the Western world to counterbalance the Soviet influence in the region.

King Fahd owns a large property in Collonge-Bellerive in the chic suburb of Geneva. His court of over 3,000 people stay in a complex of villas that are interconnected by tunnels that can be accessed by Mercedes. The villas are surrounded by large grounds that overlook Lake Geneva. King Fahd visits frequently with his three wives and 13 children. Health problems have now led him to entrust certain government tasks to his half-brother and appointed successor, Prince Abdullah.

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