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Heineken, Alfred Henry (1924 - 2002) The Netherlands / Businessman / GR

The name of the richest man in the Netherlands is known the world over: Heineken. He started out selling door-to-door for the breweries that his grandfather had founded in 1863. His strict upbringing and Calvinist mentality contributed largely to the company's success. Today, Heineken is the world's most well-known beer, distributed in over 170 countries.

The Baron Heineken took up residence in Saint-Moritz, a well-to-do resort in the Graubunden Alps that provides him with a reasonable rate of taxation. He leads a quiet life and the other inhabitants of the resort don't even recognize him when he goes out for walks. The Baron Heineken's mode of dress is slightly outdated: I've got the squirrel syndrome, he says. He also refuses to have a coffee at the Hilton, since he feels that the prices are scandalous.

Alfred Heineken also has a home in Perroy, in the canton of Vaud, as well as a villa in Antibes, where he sometimes spends his holidays. He also enjoys cruising on his yacht, the Something-Cool, often accompanied by Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands with whom he is very close. The Baron is currently the President of the Heineken Board of Directors.

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