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Villeneuve, Jacques (1971 - ) Canada / F1 driver / VD

The Canadian race car driver lives in Villars-sur-Ollon, where he relaxes each year after the Grand Prix races. Born in 1971, Jacques Villeneuve started at the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School in Quebec at the age of 15. He competed in his first major race in 1992 at the Grand Prix des Trois-Rivieres, and then raced in the Formula Atlantic, where he ranked amongst the top. Then he moved up an echelon to the PPG IndyCar World Series, where he was crowned champion in 1995.

His excellent results pushed him to the ranks of the Formula 1 drivers on the Williams Renault team. He had an outstanding first year before winning his first world title in 1997. Jacques Villeneuve currently races with the BAR-Honda team.

The racer lives in Villars-sur-Ollon, where he had already studied in his youth at the College Beau-Soleil from 1983 to 1989. He visits with his friend and former gym teacher Craig Pollock, who is now the owner of the very same BAR-Honda team Jacques Villeneuve works for.

During the winter, Jacques Villeneuve spends as much time as possible on the slopes, making the most of his Swiss ski permit. The Canadian champion enjoys life in the Vaud Alps: Villars is my winter paradise. He can ski as much as he wants during the winter break. But Jacques Villeneuve loves Switzerland in general: It's easy to be happy in this country.

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