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Aznavour, Charles (1924 - ) France / Music star / GE

Born Varenagh Aznavourian, French singer Charles Aznavour has made singing his career for over 55 years, with hundreds of albums in several languages behind him. The son of Armenian emigrants living in Paris, Aznavour slowly but surely made a name for himself as a singer, until his debut at the Olympia in 1954, which would mark the beginning of his international career. Aznavour sings in five languages and is the most well-known French singer abroad.

Charles Aznavour came to Switzerland in 1976, and settled initially in Valais for the Mediterranean climate. He then purchased a magnificent estate in Cologny, in the chic suburb of Geneva, where he leads a peaceful life: I live discreetly in Geneva with my wife, my children, my dogs and my humanitarian work, he once said to a journalist. He appreciates the respect for private life, the peacefulness and the friendly people. Charles Aznavour had decided to leave France due to the administrative harassment to which he was subjected.

Today, the singer speaks enthusiastically about Geneva: As soon as I'm far from Geneva, I want to go back. The air is pure, the scenery is splendid, you can eat perch fillets... The Swiss standard of living, which is among the highest in the world, immediately won Aznavour over. He calls Geneva the Paris en province.

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