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Schumacher, Michael (1969 - ) Germany / F1 driver / VD

The three-time Formula 1 champion has been living in Switzerland since 1996. Michael Schumacher was born in 1969 in Hurth, near Cologne. By the age of four, he was already making himself known on the local karting track. At 18, he was the European champion of karting, a sport that remains a passion of his to this day. He then made his debut in the Formula 3 championships, before replacing a driver on the Jordan team at the 1991 Grand Prix in Belgium. By the next year, he had already won his first Grand Prix, followed by the consecration of world titles in 1994 and 1995. This impressive track record got him on the legendary Ferrari team, with whom he won the Grand Prix in 2000.

Since 1996, the champion comes to relax after his races at his 15-hectare property, the Domaine de la Chenaie, in Vufflens-le-Chateau, near Nyon. He lives with his wife Corinna and his two children in a villa with over 15 rooms. A sports hero with millions of fans the world over, Michael Schumacher appreciates the peace and quiet of this little village on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The Formula 1 racer leads a normal life in Vufflens-le-Chateau. He plays in the third league of the FC Aubonne soccer team and is often seen strolling through the village streets, sometimes with Alain Prost, who lives nearby. Michael Schumacher appreciates the anonymity in Switzerland: This atmosphere allows me to lead a life that is almost normal. The champion likes it so much he even donated a park to the children of the village.

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