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Moving to Switzerland
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Once you’ve received your residence permit, you may still be faced with many questions of a practical nature: how to organize your move, have the water, electricity and telephone installed, import your pets, your vehicles, your works of art and your wine cellar, find a  school for your children, etc.

As one of our clients, you benefit from a thorough and personalized assistance for your move. For your information, we have compiled a series of articles answering some of our former clients’ most frequently asked questions. Please note that we offer these services solely for our clients and that we are not an information bureau.

Do you need a vaccination certificate for your cat, dog or other pets? Do they have to undergo a quarantine period before joining you?  How do you obtain a pet ownership license? Our answers
Some of our clients moving to Switzerland ask us about their rights with regard to firearms. This section aims to answer any pertinent questions.  
Is it better to import your car or buy a new one in Switzerland? Is your driving license valid in Switzerland? What insurance do you need? How do you obtain Swiss license plates? Everything you need to know about cars in Switzerland:
Importing your wine cellar

When moving to Switzerland, you can easily forward your wine cellar. This article will help you choose the best solution in accordance with customs regulations

Importing your works of art

Everything about customs formalities, conditions and duty with regard to importing of art to Switzerland.

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