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Claparède, René-Edouard (1832 - 1871) France / ScientistGenève / GE

Originally from Languedoc, the Claparède family found refuge in Geneva after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV in 1685 and was accepted into the bourgeoisie of Geneva in 1724. Several of his sons (pastors, men of science, a statesman, and university professors) were illustrious citizens of the Republic.

The best known amongst them were, without doubt, the two Edouards, whose reputation went far beyond the limits of Geneva.

René-Edouard (1832-1871), professor of comparative anatomy since 1862, especially distinguished himself through innumerable publications dealing with various branches of natural science, in particular on insects and spiders. The Place Claparède in Geneva honours this great doctor. He is not to be confused with Edouard Claparède (1873-1940) whose work concentrated on infantile psychology and teaching.


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