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Brillat-Savarin, Jean-Anthelmes (1755 - 1826) France / Writer / VD
Brillat-SavarinBrilliant lawyer at the Court of Cassation and highly skilled gastronome known for his "Physiology of Taste", Brillat Savarin was forced to flee the Reign of Terror in 1789. He found a safe haven first in Lausanne and then in Moudon, where the bailiff was a relative. In an excerpt of "The Physiology of Taste", he praises the cuisine in the Vaud during his stay at the Lion d'Argent in Lausanne, where he savored the "fine game of the neighboring mountains and the excellent fish from Lake Geneva, accompanied by as much of the white wine as desired, as clear and refreshing as springwater capable of satisfying the most rabid thirst."
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