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Top movie critic
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Ties to Vevey (Father lived there for 30 years, member of the Jury of the Vevey Comic film festival)
The Godfather


Mr P. has been a publisher, a prolific writer, a film critic and a top executive in America's foremost industry publication for the movie business, Variety.

In 2002 Mr P. was nominated as one of the 10 members of the jury of the Berlin Film Festival, one of the world's most prestigious. As a writer, he is known as the world's foremost author on Francis Ford Coppola and Ingmar Bergman. He published more than 40 books about movies and moviemakers, including the Godfather Book, Francis Ford Coppola : a Biography, Orson Welles, Ingmar Bergman : A Critical Biography and The Apocalypse Now book. He also wrote a number of books about Scandinavian cinema. His efforts to make Swedish cineman better known were recognized by the King of Sweden who awarded him a decoration rarely bestowed on a foreigner.

For over 30 years he managed the book serie he had started, Variety's International Film Guide.

We got his residence permits for him and his family, found a nice school for his children and located one of the sweetest appartments in Vevey, with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

He contributed to many DVDs from the Criterion Collection, including the great 4 disc set Godfather trilogy.

Mr P. decided to retire at age 55. Living in London at the time he was rather tired of the noise, traffic and lack of sun. His father, a writer too, had retired decaded ago on the Swiss Riviera. He was so happy there that as soon as Mr. P. could retire, moving to Switzerland was the first choice he had. But how to become a Swiss resident?


Mr. P. chose to live in Vevey, one of the most charming cities of the Lake Geneva area. It was home to Charlie Chaplin for over 30 years and it is there that Daisy Miller was written.

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