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Tips for efficient communication
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Tips for quick answers

  • Be short
  • Be specific
  • Tell us what we need to know to answer you (your citizenship, age, etc...)

Here are a few tips for efficient communication with us:

We are a for profit business, not an information bureau , tourist office or a government agency. We receive thousands of email and answer only those related to the services we offer.

If you want to receive a helpful answer to your questions you need to send us enough information about you . For example, for residency questions, we can't answer you if we don't know your citizenship and age. For banking, we need to know in which country you live, how much approximately you plan to deposit and what you plan to do with the money once it is on the account. We don't need a novel but just the basic information needed to answer you.

Examples of typical emails we do not answer :

  • Please find me a Swiss wife
  • Please help me find a lost Swiss friend
  • Please send me by return email the phone number of Athina Roussel (or any other celebrity)
  • I want to get a job in Switzerland
  • I need a grant
  • I want political asylum
  • Please find me a hotel room, train schedule, tourist brochure
  • I need information about Swiss food for my school project
  • I have Swiss ancestors - please help me find more about them

For some of these requests you can try to contact the following:

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