7 myths about living in Switzerland
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  1. It is impossible to get a residence permit
    Wrong. There are many ways to get a residence permit, and for example if you are retired or willing to do business in Switzerland, we will be happy to help you get a permit.

  2. Switzerland is as cold as Siberia
    We grow wine and kiwis in Switzerland and in the summer temperatures rises above 30 Celsius in many parts of the country. We do have a winter season, with snow and all that, but it only lasts a few months.

  3. Life in Switzerland is more expensive than in Tokyo
    Switzerland is expensive, but no more than Paris or London. And, let's face it, you probably pay a lot more tax now than you would pay if you lived in Switzerland. This largely compensates for the cost of living for many people.

  4. Living in Switzerland is only for pop stars and steel barons
    Wrong again. Many foreigners who are neither as famous as Tina Turner nor as rich as Ingvar Kamprad live in Switzerland. It is true that you must be moderately wealthy to qualify for some residence permits, but not as much as you think.

  5. The Swiss are very cold
    Visitors often judge the Swiss from the welcome the receive at the souvenir shop in the airport, which is like judging the kindness of the American people from the immigration officers at JFK. In fact, it all depends on the area and on the situation. Rural, Catholic cantons have reputedly the most sympathetic people, and many people who live in Switzerland and make a small effort to understand the country find open and trustworthy friends.

  6. There are just cows and ski-lifts in Switzerland
    No, we have cities, operas, industries, great hotels and restaurants, and the highest per capita number of Nobel Prizes in the world. And if you really need the thrill of a huge city, you are never far from other European cities in Switzerland.

  7. The Swiss don't let you buy a house
    They do if you get a residence permit. With a B permit, you can buy a house anywhere in the country (the law changed recently).

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