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Mid-range options abound across the city. Those in Niederdorf are generally quiet and characterful, although universally pricey and often renovated, while those elsewhere in the city tend to offer better value at the expense of noisier or more mundane surroundings. Don’t be deceived by the invariably plush lobbies, which often precede less-than-plush rooms, although all places mentioned below offer TV, phone and minibar.

Very clean, light and pleasant hand-decorated rooms set amidst the old town buzz above a famous fondue restaurant. Service is good, the pastel interior is modern, and rates undercut similar places on the west bank.
Rosengasse 10
Phone : ++41 01/266 96 96
Fax : ++41 01/266 96 69
E-mail : hoteladler@swissonline.ch

A comfortable, quiet, unremarkable choice in the shopping district, reasonably priced and efficiently staffed, with many more singles than doubles
Löwenstrasse 34
Phone : ++41 01/217 17 17
Fax : ++41 01/217 18 18
E-mail : hotelcity@bluewin.ch

Charming small hotel in classic style, with dark-wood decor and a popular outdoor terrace on a square in the heart of the old town. A little pricey for what you get, but the top-floor rooms, sharing a spacious rooftop terrace, are delightful.
Niederdorfstrasse 1
Phone : ++41 01/250 53 00
Fax : ++41 01/250 53 01
E-mail : service@hotel-franziskaner.ch
Web : www.hotel-franziskaner.ch

A building dating from the sixteenth century, a hostel since (at least) 1774. These days it’s one of Zürich’s most charming hotels, renovated throughout in florid Laura Ashley style, and with a tranquil location in the steep cobbled lanes below the Lindenhof. Rooms are not spacious, but are elegant and characterful.
Pfalzgasse 1
Phone : ++41 01/211 59 17
Fax : ++41 01/211 65 28

Super-chic choice, the spartan wood-and-stone rooms with crisp white styling are spotlessly clean.
Rössligasse 7
Phone : ++41 01/252 21 21
Fax : ++41 01/252 21 31
E-mail : hotelroessli@reconline.ch

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