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Panoramic view of the Champéry region in the Alps : Click to enlarge picture
Champéry les Crosets
© Jacques Kuenlin


  • Aigle to: Bex (hourly; 5min); Champéry (hourly; 1hr 5min); Les Diablerets (hourly; 45min); Lausanne (every 30min; 30min); Leysin (hourly; 30min); Martigny (every 30min; 20min); Montreux (every 30min; 10min); St-Maurice (hourly; 10min); Sion (every 30min; 30min).
  • Bex to: Aigle (hourly; 5min); Villars (hourly; 45min).
  • Brig to: Andermatt (hourly; 1hr 45min); Basel (hourly; 2hr 55min); Bern (hourly; 1hr 40min); Chur (“Glacier Express” at least 1 daily via Furka–Oberalp; 4hr 10min); Geneva (twice hourly; 2hr 15min); Interlaken West & Ost (hourly; 1hr 25min; change at Spiez); Lausanne (twice hourly; 1hr 35min); Martigny (every 30min; 50min); Sierre (every 30min; 25min); Sion (every 30min; 35min); Zermatt (hourly; 1hr 20min); Zürich (hourly; 3hr).
  • Les Diablerets to: Aigle (hourly; 45min).
  • Leysin to: Aigle (hourly; 30min).
  • Martigny to: Aigle (every 30min; 20min); Brig (every 30min; 50min); Geneva (every 30min; 1hr 30min); Lausanne (every 30min; 50min); Orsières (hourly; 25min); St-Maurice (twice hourly; 10min); Sierre (every 30min; 25min); Sion (3 hourly; 15min); Verbier (hourly; 50min; change at Le Châble).
  • Montana to: Sierre (every 30min; 15min).
  • St-Maurice to: Aigle (hourly; 10min); Martigny (twice hourly; 10min).
  • Sierre to: Brig (every 30min; 25min); Lausanne (every 30min; 1hr 15min); Martigny (every 30min; 25min); Montana (every 30min; 15min); Sion (twice hourly; 10min); Zermatt (hourly; 1hr 30–50min; change at Visp).
  • Sion to: Aigle (every 30min; 30min); Brig (every 30min; 35min); Geneva (every 30min; 1hr 45min); Lausanne (every 30min; 1hr); Martigny (3 hourly; 15min); St-Maurice (hourly; 25min); Sierre (every 30min; 10min); Zermatt (hourly; 1hr 40min–2hr; change at Visp).
  • Villars to: Bex (hourly; 45min).
  • Visp to: Zermatt (hourly; 1hr 10min).
  • Zermatt to: Brig (hourly; 1hr 20min); Gornergrat (at least every 30min; 45min); Visp (hourly; 1hr 10min).


  • Aigle to: Villars (every 2hr; 35min).
  • Arolla to: Sion (every 2hr; 1hr 20min; change at Les Haudères).
  • Brig to: Saas-Fee (hourly; 1hr 10min).
  • Le Châble to: Mauvoisin (July–Sept twice daily; 45min); Verbier (hourly; 25min).
  • Crans to: Montana (continuously; 5min); Sion (hourly; 45min); Sierre (every 30min; 40–50min).
  • Les Diablerets to: Gstaad (5 daily; 50min); Villars (July–Sept 3 daily; 35min).
  • Leysin to: Château d’Oex (3 daily; 1hr 30min; change at Le Sépey).
  • Martigny to: Grand-St-Bernard Pass (1 daily; 2hr; change at Orsières).
  • Montana to: Crans (continuously; 5min); Sierre (every 30min; 40–50min).
  • Oberwald to: Airolo via Nufenenpass (July–Sept 2 daily; 1hr 30min); Andermatt via Furkapass (July–Sept 2 daily; 1hr 30min); Meiringen via Grimselpass (July–Sept 3 daily; 1hr 20min).
  • Orsières to: Champex (every 2hr; 20min).
  • Saas-Fee to: Brig (hourly; 1hr 10min); Stalden (hourly; 40min).
  • Sierre to: Crans (every 30min; 40–50min); Montana (every 30min; 40–50min); Sion (hourly; 30min); Zinal (every 2hr; 1hr; change at Vissoie).
  • Sion to: Arolla (every 2hr; 1hr 20min; change at Les Haudères); Crans (hourly; 45min); Sierre (hourly; 30min).
  • Stalden to: Saas-Fee (hourly; 40min).
  • Villars to: Aigle (every 2hr; 35min); Les Diablerets (July–Sept 3 daily; 35min).
  • Visp to: Saas-Fee (hourly; 55min).
  • Zinal to: Sierre (every 2hr; 1hr; change at Vissoie).


  • Brig to: Domodossola, Italy (hourly; 35min); Milan (every 2hr; 2hr 15min).
  • Martigny to: Chamonix, France (hourly; 1hr 30min).


  • Martigny to: Aosta, Italy (twice daily; 1hr 50min).

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