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Adventure sports As-Best, Via Basilea 28, CP 9, CH-6903 Lugano (091/966 11 44, www.asbest.ch), have a full range of adventure sports on offer in and around Lugano, including canyoning (from Fr.90), rap jumps (Fr.90), freeclimbing (Fr.90), paragliding (Fr.150), mountain biking and more.

Ballooning Balloon Team, Via delle Scuole 18 in Pregassona (091/940 47 16, www.hats.ch/balloons) offer year-round hot-air balloon trips, depending on the weather, for Fr.380 per person.

Bike rental In the station (daily 7am–8pm), at the Figino hostel (see “Accommodation”) and at various sports shops around town.

Car rental Avis, Hotel Albatro, Via Clemente Maraini 8 (091/913 41 51) and airport (091/605 54 59); Europcar, Via Monte Boglia 24 (091/971 01 01) and airport (091/605 12 11); Hertz, Via San Gottardo 13 (091/923 46 75) and airport (091/605 58 93). Best deal by far, though, are the two-person Smart cars from Smart Rent, Riva Paradiso 26 (091/993 13 13, www.smartrent.ch).

Changing money In the station (Mon–Sat 7.10am–7.45pm, Sun 8am–7.45pm).

Consulates The only English-speaking country with representation in Lugano is the UK, at Via Motta 19 (091/923 86 06).

Email and Internet City-Disc on Piazza Dante charge Fr.4 for 20min, or Fr.10/hr.

Flights For flight enquiries for Lugano-Agno airport, call 091/610 12 12.

Gay and lesbian Spazio Gay, Via Stazio 10 in Massagno (091/968 17 17), is the main information centre for Ticino’s gay scene.

Lost property Check with the police office on Piazza Riforma (091/800 71 10), or at the train station.

Markets There’s a picturesque flower, fruit and veg market on Piazza Riforma, with antiques and handicrafts alongside on Via Canova (Tues & Fri 7am–noon). On Saturdays (8am–5pm), the Quartier Canova is again given over to antiques, with Via Vegezzi and Via Soave hosting the fruit and veg market.

Medical facilities Ospedale Civico, Via Tesserete 46 (091/805 61 11), has a 24-hour emergency room.

Post Main office is in the centre on Via della Posta (CH-6900 Lugano 1).

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