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Rough Guide to Switzerland : introduction

Micheloud & Co. is proud to announce its partnership with Rough Guides Ltd (London), the publisher of the best touristic guide about Switzerland currently in print in English. You will find on this site over 700 pages of this guidebook, conveniently ordered by area. There are more than 300'000 words of carefully researched exclusive content in this section. To help you find what you need as fast as possible, use our javascript index or the table of contents below or by reading the introduction.



Probably the most international city in Switzerland, if not in Europe. 50 pages of information


This historical town boasts invigorating mountain views, lake cruises and a picturesque old quarter.

 Lake Geneva

Find out all about the diverse landscapes  and wonderful towns surrounding the blue waters of Lake Geneva.


Discover the great natural beauty of one of the most rewarding areas of the country in which to travel, where Switzerland was born in 1291.


Switzerland’s San Francisco, a beautiful city of incredibly steep hills facing the glittering waters of the lake to the South.


Switzerland's economic capital, this attractive and modern city offers also plenty to keep you amused.


Valais is the Switzerland of spectacular mountains, skiing and hiking, home of Matterhnorn, Zermatt, Saas-Fee and cowfighting.


Enjoy the mountains and lakes, medieval town centres and rolling verdant countryside of one of the country's unfairly least celebrated areas.

 The Arc Jurassien

Explore the fascinating regions along the Jura mountain range, where the famous Swiss clocks are manufactured.


The largest Swiss canton, Graubuenden also offers some of the wildest and loneliest sceneries in the Alps.


Located on the border between Switzerland, France and Germany, this wealthy city hosts some the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.


Everybody loves the Ticino, with its famously sunny skies and stunning natural beauty. You won't resist either!


Literally the "heartland" of Switzerland, it holds the most fertile territory, the densest population, and the greatest wealth of all the diverse areas of the country.


All about Swiss history, nature and languages. References to further reading.


Perhaps the most immediately charming of all Swiss cities, deemed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, Bern is also the nation's capital.


All practical information for travellers in Switzerland : transportation, red tape, accomodation, entertainment and other practicalities.

Bernese Oberland

A massively impressive region of classic Swiss scenery, the grand Alpine heart of the country is the most accessible, spectacular and touristed area of Switzerland.

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