Stein-am-Rhein and around
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Positioned at the point where the Untersee arm of the Bodensee narrows into the Rhine 20km east of Schaffhausen, little STEIN-AM-RHEIN is an almost perfectly preserved medieval village, famed throughout Switzerland for the intricacy of the sixteenth-century frescoes which adorn an array of houses in the village. Its well worth a visit, but sees so many tour buses during the frantic summer season about a million people pass through annually that the best way to enjoy the place is to stop overnight: its only after 5pm and before 10am that youll find much peace.

If youre not pressed for time, its worth a detour to the museum complex at Kartause Ittingen, a former monastery set amidst hop fields and open, rolling farmland beyond the hills south of Stein-am-Rhein.

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