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Bulle to: Gruyères (hourly; 10min); Montbovon (for Montreux or Gstaad; hourly; 30min); Palézieux (for Lausanne; hourly; 40min).

Coppet to: Céligny (hourly; 5min); Geneva (hourly; 20min); Nyon (hourly; 10min).

Gruyères to: Bulle (for Fribourg; hourly; 10min); Montbovon (for Montreux or Gstaad; hourly; 20min); Palézieux (for Lausanne; hourly; 50min).

Lausanne to: Aigle (every 30min; 30min); Basel (twice hourly; 2hr 35min); Bern (hourly; 1hr 10min); Biel/Bienne (hourly; 1hr 10min); Brig (twice hourly; 1hr 40min); La Chaux-de-Fonds (hourly; 1hr 30min); Delémont (hourly; 1hr 50min); Echallens (every 30min; 20min); Fribourg (twice hourly; 45min); Geneva (4 times hourly; 35min); Interlaken Ost (hourly; 2hr 10min); Martigny (every 30min; 50min); Montreux (twice hourly; 20min); Neuchâtel (hourly; 50min); Nyon (every 30min; 25min); Palézieux (for Gruyères; hourly; 15min); St Gallen (hourly; 3hr 45min); Sierre/Siders (twice hourly; 1hr 15min); Sion (twice hourly; 1hr 5min); Vallorbe (hourly; 45min); Vevey (twice hourly; 15min); Winterthur (hourly; 3hr); Yverdon (hourly; 25min); Zürich (hourly; 2hr 25min).

Montreux to: Caux (hourly; 25min); Château d’Oex (hourly; 1hr); Geneva (every 30min; 1hr 10min); Gstaad (hourly; 1hr 20min); Lausanne (4 hourly; 20min); Martigny (every 30min; 30min); Montbovon (for Gruyères; hourly; 45min); Vevey (4 hourly; 7min); Zürich (hourly; 2hr 45min).

Morges to: Lausanne (every 30min; 10min); Nyon (3 hourly; 15min).

Nyon to: Céligny (hourly; 7min); Coppet (hourly; 10min); Geneva (3 hourly; 25min); Lausanne (every 30min; 25min); Morges (3 hourly; 15min); Neuchâtel (hourly; 1hr); St Cergue (every 30min; 35min); Yverdon (hourly; 25min).

Palézieux to: Bulle (hourly; 40min); Gruyères (hourly; 50min); Lausanne (hourly; 15min).

Vevey to: Geneva (every 30min; 1hr 5min); Lausanne (4 hourly; 10min); Martigny (every 30min; 25min); Montreux (4 hourly; 7min); Zürich (hourly; 2hr 40min).


Bulle to: Fribourg (hourly; 30min); Gruyères (3 daily; 20min).

Chillon (Château) to: Montreux (every 10min; 10min); Vevey (every 10min; 20min).

Gruyères to: Bulle (3 daily; 20min); Moléson (every 2hr; 15min).

Montreux to: Chillon (every 10min; 10min); Vevey (every 10min; 20min).

Nyon to: Coppet (every 2hr; 40min).

Vevey to: Chillon (every 10min; 30min); Montreux (every 10min; 20min).


(following is a summary of May–Sept summer services; fewer boats run in other months, generally Sat & Sun only if at all)

Céligny to: Geneva (1 daily; 1hr); Lausanne (1 daily; 2hr 30min).

Chillon (Château) to: Lausanne (3 daily; 1hr 45min); Montreux (4–5 daily; 20min); Vevey (3 daily; 35min).

Coppet to: Geneva (2–3 daily; 45min); Lausanne (2–3 daily; 2hr 45min).

Lausanne (Ouchy) to: Céligny (1 daily; 2hr 30min); Chillon (3 daily; 1hr 45min); Coppet (2–3 daily; 2hr 45min); Evian, France (10–15 daily; 40min); Geneva (3 daily; 3hr 30min); Montreux (5–6 daily; 1hr 20min); Morges (2–3 daily; 30min); Nyon (3–4 daily; 2hr 10min); Rolle (2–3 daily; 1hr 10min); Vevey (5–6 daily; 1hr).

Montreux to: Chillon (4–5 daily; 20min); Geneva (3 daily; 5hr); Lausanne (5–6 daily; 1hr 20min); St Gingolph (3–4 daily; 50min); Vevey (5–6 daily; 20min).

Morges to: Geneva (2–3 daily; 3hr); Lausanne (2–3 daily; 30min).

Nyon to: Geneva (4–7 daily; 1hr–1hr 30min); Lausanne (3–4 daily; 2hr 10min); Rolle (2–3 daily; 50min); Yvoire, France (6 daily; 20min).

Vevey to: Chillon (3 daily; 35min); Geneva (3 daily; 4hr 30min); Lausanne (5–6 daily; 1hr); Montreux (5–6 daily; 20min).


Lausanne to: Barcelona (1 daily; 10hr 30min); Dijon (5 daily; 2hr 10min); Milan (5 daily; 3hr 10min); Paris (5 daily; 3hr 50min); Rome (1 daily; 11hr 30min); Venice (1 daily; 6hr 30min).

Exploring Vaud

Main-line CFF trains describe an arc around the northern lakeshore, from Geneva via Nyon, Lausanne and Vevey to Montreux and on into the Valais. Smaller lines branch off at various points into the hills which cup the lake on both sides – the Jura foothills in the west and the Prealps in the east. However, you shouldn’t miss the chance to take a boat trip on the lake. The CGN links all the towns and villages on both the Swiss and French shores in a web of routings, some of which run year-round. Tourist offices in all towns stock their timetable brochures, which are also posted at every débarcadère (jetty). The lake is divided into three: the Petit-Lac in the southwest, between Geneva and Nyon; the Grand-Lac between Nyon and Lausanne; and the Haut-Lac in the east around Vevey and Montreux. Boats run on short and long tours within and between all three areas, as well as hopping along the shoreline villages. Some also cross the lake, from Nyon and Rolle to Yvoire (France); from Lausanne to Evian (France); and from Vevey to St Gingolph (a divided village on the French–Swiss border) – for all of which you need your passport. Eurail and Swiss Pass holders travel free on CGN boats, but InterRailers get no discounts.

The Office du Tourisme du Canton de Vaud (www.lake-geneva-region.ch) offers an excellent regional pass, sold through all local tourist offices. The pass costs Fr.135 (or Fr.108 if you hold a Swiss Pass, Swiss Card or Half-Fare Card), for which you get seven consecutive days of validity – any three days of free travel, plus the other four days of travel at a discount of 25 to 50 percent. Coverage is extremely wide, taking in buses, trains and cable-cars throughout the whole of Canton Vaud (everywhere mentioned in this chapter, and also Yverdon, the Vallée de Joux, Payerne and Avenches, covered in Chapter 3; the Pays d’Enhaut, covered in Chapter 6; and the Alpes Vaudoises, covered in Chapter 7), as well as journeys to but not within Geneva, and, in the other direction, as far as Gstaad and south to Aigle and St-Maurice. Note, though, that CGN boats are only covered for a fifty percent discount on all days.

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