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Train-tracks and the minor roads from Lausanne to Fribourg bypass RUE, 7km southeast of Moudon and supposedly the smallest “town” in Switzerland (population 600) before reaching ROMONT, a small medieval town perched atop an isolated round hill, with lofty 360-degree views over the surroundings. From the train station, below the hill, the town’s wall and two distinctive round towers stand out against the sky. It’s a steep ten-minute walk up from the train station.

Thirteenth-century ramparts surround the town, which consists of little more than two broad streets with a round tower at each end. The castle dominates, with one tower converted into the Musée du Vitrail (Museum of Stained Glass; April–Oct Tues–Sun 10am–noon & 2–6pm; Nov–March Sat & Sun same times; Fr.6; SMP), holding mostly modern examples along with an informative slide-show. Nearby is the town’s beautiful Gothic Collégialechurch of Our Lady of the Assumption, also dating from the thirteenth century, replete with original woodcarving from a rebuilding in 1434 and some wonderfully detailed stonework. The tourist office is at 112 Rue du Château (Mon–Fri 10am–noon & 2–4pm, April–Oct also Sat 10am–noon; 026/652 31 52, www.romont.ch).

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