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This 4x4 is an extremely versatile off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive that kicks in automatically when traction conditions call for it. But it is also a loyal servant in day-to-day life and can quickly transform into a limousine ready to escort guests in the finest evening wear. This model comes with a 2-liter engine developing 147 hp, and appeals particularly to the women clientele.

The official price at the garage is 37,000 CHF. A discount can often be negotiated if you pay in cash.

The average cost for yearly maintenance is 600 CHF for major servicing and 300 CHF for minor servicing.

Here are the prices indicative of insurance premiums based on a 500-CHF deductible:

Type of insurance
Annual cost
Third-party liability
1,000 to 1,200 CHF
Restricted coverage
1,400 to 2,000 CHF
Fully comprehensive
2,000 to 2,500 CHF

We also suggest that you take out an insurance policy to cover your passengers in the case of an accident for approximately 120 CHF per year, as well free legal protection in the case of dispute for approximately 100 CHF per year.

Registering a vehicle

You will first have to pay the amount of 150 CHF to obtain your license plates. Then you will pay an annual cantonal tax calculated on a pro rata basis on your vehicle's engine capacity. For a Honda CR-V 4x4, this tax comes to 282 CHF.


Gas in Switzerland is less taxed than in neighboring Italy or France. Many people who live near the border of these countries come to Switzerland to fill their tanks. Gas prices follow fluctuations in crude oil prices, but generally remain in the 1.10 to 1.40 CHF/liter range.

The price of gas in Switzerland: 1998-2000 variations

There are no tolls in Switzerland, but each year you must purchase a 40-franc road tax disk (like a license tag), which authorizes you to drive on the highways.


In the downtown areas of major Swiss cities, there is generally a charge for parking (1.50 CHF/hour). An hour of underground parking in Geneva costs 2 CHF. But careful! Parking tickets can quickly put a hole in your pocketbook: a 40-franc fine for going over the time limit and a 120-franc fine for unauthorized parking!

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