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Bern has at least a couple of truly grand, characterful expensive hotels, but unless money is no object you’d probably do better to hang on to your francs until you get up to one of the better mountain resorts, where you’ll probably get more for your card-swipe.

Innovative business hotel set in the ultra-modern renovated Kursaal building (which also boasts Switzerland’s largest casino). Super-slick postmodern design swishes you into stylish rooms – go for the Warhol ones – featuring widescreen TVs which also let you play Nintendo and surf the Internet. Top-floor balconies with Alpine vistas cost more. Weekend discounts can make this the best value, and least traditional, top-end accommodation anywhere in the country.
In the Kursaal, Kornhausstrasse 3
Phone : ++41 031/339 55 00
Fax : ++41 031/ 339 55 10
E-mail : allegro@kursaal-bern.ch
Web :www.allegro-hotel.ch
Bären and Bristol
Two identical hotels seconds from the Bundeshaus, with different owners but shared management. Both underwent complete renovation in 1998–99, and rooms are now very modern, well designed and comfortable, though rather soulless.
Within 50m of each other on Schauplatzgasse
Phone : ++41 031/311 33 67
Fax : ++41 031/ 311 69 83
E-mail : reception@baerenbern.ch
Web : www.baerenbern.ch
Bellevue Palace
Top hotel in the city, right next to the Bundeshaus and the haunt of presidents, diplomats and billionaires, with as much palatial grandeur as you’d expect plus the added bonus of views of the river winding far below the hotel walls and, in the distance, the snow-capped Alps. Rooms are spacious, sumptuous, traditionally styled and horribly expensive.
Kochergasse 3
Phone : ++41 031/320 45 45
Fax : ++41 031/ 311 47 43
E-mail : reservation@bellevue-palace.ch
Web : www.bellevue-palace.ch
Opposite the train station, this is one of Bern’s grandest piles, 140 years old and still family run with a personal touch. Traditional rooms are individually decorated and uniquely characterful, with some ordinary doubles boasting wood panelling, deep sofas and marble bathrooms. Gourmet dining completes the picture.
Bahnhofplatz 11
Phone : ++41 031/326 80 80
Fax : ++41 031/ 326 80 90
E-mail : info@schweizerhof-bern.ch
Web : www.schweizerhof-bern.ch


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