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Information on Switzerland is not hard to come by: the Swiss tourist industry has had 150 years or so to refine its approach to visitors, and the efficient, super-helpful tourist offices in Switzerland and abroad are only too happy to regale you with more details on any particular city, region or the whole country than you could possibly ever get to grips with.

All cities, virtually all towns, and a sizeable number of villages in Switzerland have a tourist office (Verkehrsverein, Verkehrsbüro or Tourismus; Office du Tourisme; Ente Turistico), pretty much always located next to, opposite, or within five minutes’ walk of, the train station. Most staff speak English and are scrupulously helpful. They can provide you with free city or town maps, lists of hotels, campsites and apartment rentals, and information on local sights and events, as well as detailed hiking maps and guides to the surrounding area and transport information. Beware, though, of the long Swiss lunch break: outside a handful of the larger cities and resorts, offices close between noon and 2pm during the week and all day Sunday, and may be closed for most of Saturday as well. Outside opening hours, ask at the train station, where staff generally keep a small stock of maps and information leaflets behind the counter. If you’re really stuck, Anglophone (%157 50 14) has general information in English, although geared mostly towards expat residents.

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