Basel : where 3 countries meet
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One of Basel’s curiosities is its location at the meeting point of France, Germany and Switzerland, and there are few places in the world where you can stand at the exact point where three countries meet. If you take tram #8 to its terminus amongst the massive warehouses and shipping cranes at Kleinhüningen, cross to the north bank of the River Wiese, head left 200m to the Rhine, then right (north) along a spit of land beside more warehouses and train sidings for 300m, you’ll come to Dreiländereck (Three Countries’ Corner), marked by a futuristic rounded steel-and-glass building. This is the Restaurant Dreiländereck (061/639 95 40), a pricey and rather soulless place for eating, but not bad for a riverside coffee and bun. Just beyond the restaurant, on the very nose of the spit of land is a tall, slender sculpture pointing the way west across the Rhine (the other bank is France), north to the German customs shed 50m away, and south into Switzerland. Unfortunately, as you might have predicted, everything looks more or less the same on all shores. Boats depart from beside the restaurant to take you back to Basel Schifflände.

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