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Basel thrives on the conference and convention trade – the vast Messe is Switzerland’s largest conference/exhibition centre, and attendees to major events often fill all accommodation in the city (and most in neighbouring cities too). Reserving ahead is strongly advised. As a way to service the tide of expense-account travellers, Basel’s hoteliers tend to focus more on providing comforting extras, such as minibars and big TVs, than on keeping prices down, and are generally more willing than their colleagues elsewhere in Switzerland to surrender atmosphere for the sake of features. They’re also very willing to hike their prices during the week and/or throughout the duration of a big trade fair. A few of the city’s grander piles break this mould, but if you pick a place at random you’re more likely to end up with a generic, overpriced business hotel than a characterful Old Town gem. Small, inexpensive hotels are rarer than sharks in the Rhine.

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