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We update our site frequently to ensure that its content remains free of errors and up to date, but we cannot guarantee that everything is correct on every page in every language. Thus, we emphasize that this website does not constitute legal advice and we will not accept any legal or other responsibility for errors or omissions. Neither the administrators nor the authors of this website can accept any responsibility for any loss occasioned to any person arising as a direct or indirect result of action taken or refrained from in reliance on the contents of our website. Neither the information contained in this website nor the email or other replies we send to should form the basis of any decision as to a particular course of action; nor should it be relied on as legal advice or regarded as a substitute for detailed advice in individual cases. We will be happy to provide you with a specialist if you need professional legal or fiscal advice, but before that point all we can offer is a general, non binding information. Illegal services We are a law-abiding Swiss company. We offer many high-quality services to our clients, but these do not include illegal services. As long as you commit no crime toward Swiss law, what you do is your business. But some things are illegal everywhere, so look below to see the kinds of things we won't do : We don't ... Help you launder money that comes from criminal activity, Buy an apartment in your name when Swiss law forbids you to buy it, Invest money in our name but on your behalf, Act as front men for illegal activities, "Sell" permits or passports Services we don't offer Some people mistake us for the Swiss government or a travel agency. We offer many services, but unfortunately not everything. In particular, ... We don't book hotel rooms nor help you rent an apartment for the holidays. We don't do jobs searches, unless you are a qualified, experienced computer specialist or engineer (then look at our working in Switzerland page) We don't send signed pictures of stars living in Switzerland or personal information about them. If you received a letter asking you to open a bank account and receive the transfer of millions from Nigeria, in exchange for an unreasonable commission, you'd better look at this page. You will understand that to be able to serve our clients well, we have to concentrate on the services that we offer.

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