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Alain Afflelou (1944-) France
The French optician has lived in Switzerland since 1998. Alain Afflelou was born in Algeria in 1948. The son of bakers, he left to study in France in

Otto Beisheim (1924-) Germany
The German retailing genius, with a fortune estimated at SFR6,000 million, prefers not to have to give away half of his income in taxes.

Claude BerdaFrance
Président du groupe AB, producteur du sitcom "Hélène et les garçons" et magnat de la TV numérique, Mr Berda s'est installé en Suisse en 1996.

Octav Botnar (1933-1998) Romania
The greatest importer of Nissan cars to England, Botnar was able to secure as much as 7% of the English new car market. He made about SFR3,000 million

Coco Chanel (1883-1971) France
The empress of fashion lived in upper Lausanne for ten years. Gabrielle Chanel was born in 1883 in a hospice in Saumur. Her mother was abandon

Robert Louis Dreyfus (1934-) France
Shrewd manager of Adidas and a very rich man, Robert Louis-Dreyfus lives in Davos but commutes by helicopter to his factories in Germany.

Bernie Ecclestone (1930-) UK
The Formula 1 racing tycoon has lived in Gstaad since 1990. Bernie Ecclestone was born in 1930 in Ipswich, England. His father was the captain of a tr

Asher Edelman (1939-) USA
The New York raider, famous for his takeover bids in the eighties, moved to Epalinges in upper Lausanne in 1988. He relocated to Switzerland s

Robert Estienne (1503-1559) France
From a noble family of Parisian typographers, Robert Estienne was in contact with humanist circles throughout Europe. He adopted the Reformists' be

Nessim GaonSudan
The brilliant jewish businessman manages an empire of commodities trading (grain with Russian, salt with Africa, etc …) from Geneva, where he owns one

André Guelfi (1919-) France
Born in 1919 in Mazagan, Morocco, French businessman André Guelfi lived in Switzerland for over 25 years. His father was a Corsican military officer

Daniel Hechter (1938-) Lebanon
The inventor of ready-to-wear has lived in Geneva since 1997. Daniel Hechter was born into a modest family in 1938, in Paris. At the age of fo

Heineken (1924-2002) The Netherlands
The name of the richest man in the Netherlands is known the world over: Heineken. He started out selling door-to-door for the breweries that his grand

Kamprad Ingvar (1926-) Sweden
The charismatic founder of IKEA, the multinational furniture company that currently generates over 15 billion in sales, has always had a k

Léonard A. Lauder (1933-) USA
The CEO of the Estée Lauder perfume empire lives in the canton of Schwyz. Born in New York in 1933, Leonard A. Lauder is the eldest son of Est&

The owner of the great construction machines manufacturing company, Liebherr lived life to the fullest in Switzerland. Not only did he use the Fribour

Henri Nestlé (1814-1890) Germany
The founder of one of the leading Swiss companies settled in Vevey in 1833. Henri Nestlé was born in 1814 to a rich Frankfurt family. Fleeing t

Suliman S. Olayan (1933-) Saudi Arabia
Smart franchiser and licensee who made SFR3,000 million selling foreign franchises, such as Coca Cola or Burger King, in Saudi Arabia.

Paloma Picasso (1949-) Spain
Paloma Picasso, designer and business woman, moved to Switzerland in January, 2001. The daughter of Pablo Picasso was born in 1949 in Vallauris on

Rausing (1922-) Sweden
Gad and his brother, Hans, are the richest men in Europe, thanks to their packing firm Tetra Laval. They have chosen Pully as the international seat o

Marc Rich (1938-) USA
The king of commodities has lived in Zug since 1983. Marc Rich was born in 1934 to a Jewish family who emigrated to the USA during the war. At the age

Johann Rupert (1933-) South Africa
The luxury goods genius behind Rothmans, Cartier, and Mont Blanc has elected Zug as his tax domicile.

Gunter Sachs (1933-) Germany
Heir to the Fichtel & Sachs-Werke fortune and ex-husband of French actress, Brigitte Bardot, Günter Sachs is the ultimate billionaire playboy, and a g

Edmond Safra (1932-1999) Lebanon
The banking tycoon lived in Geneva for over 40 years. Edmond J. Safra was born in Beirut in 1932 to a wealthy family of Syrian Jewish bankers who had

Nicola Scrima (1947-) Italy
The Italian industrialist came in 1963 for tax reasons and for the quality of life.

Roger Zannier (1946-) France
The owner of the Zannier group, a manufacturer of children wear (like the Kickers shoes), with sales over Sfr 1 billion, Mr Zannier came in 1998 in Sw

Asher Edelman
(1939 - ) USA
The New York raider, famous for his takeover bids in the eighties, moved to Epalinges in upper Lausanne in 1988. He relocated to Switzerland so that his children could grow up in a better socioeconomic system than in New York. In Epalinges, near Lausanne, his neighbors include such celebrities as Ingvar Kamprad, the owner of IKEA, and industrialist Jean Taittinger. Asher Edelmann is also a famous art collector, who started acquiring paintings at the age of 20. Since >>>

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