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Boetsch, Arnaud (1969 - ) France / Tennisman / GE

The French tennis player has lived in Geneva since 1991. Born in Meulin, Alsace in 1969, Arnaud Boetsch began playing tennis at the age of eight, following Yannick Noah's example. Demonstrating exceptional talent, this right-handed six-foot tall player first learned the ropes in the junior leagues before moving on to the professional league in 1987.

He moved his way up the ATP classification and jumped to 54th position when he was a finalist in the 1991 Berlin tournament. That same year, he won his first Davis Cup with the French team.

Winner in Toulouse and Stockholm in 1995, he became one of the world's top 20, securing the 14th position. The height of his career came in 1996, when he scored the winning point for the French team at the Davis Cup finals in Malmö, Sweden.

Arnaud Boetsch married a Swiss woman in 1991 and has since lived with his two children in Geneva. Boetsch is in the process of adopting Swiss citizenship. Actively involved in local sports, he organized an ATP senior tour in 2000, bringing former tennis stars together in Geneva.

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